David Grier

David Grier

David Grier is a humanitarian Bestselling Author and Speaker,  he was born into a Cape Wine Farming Family in 1960, going on to become a chef and restaurateur.

Fuelled by a passion to help children in need of cleft palate surgery, David turned to extreme adventurism to raise awareness for this cause.

He became one of the first two people to run the length of the Great Wall of China in 2007 and since then has gone on to four more arduous, breathtaking adventures, each one becoming a talk and book on its own.

David has run The Great Wall of China (4200 km in 93 days), the entire coastline of South Africa (3300 km in 80 days), paddled from Africa to Madagascar (500 km in 12 days), run the Island of Madagascar (South to North; 2700 km in 67 days)

David Grier ran the entire length of India (4008 km in 93 days); down the length of the UK (from John O’Groats to Lands’ End); from South to North in Ireland, followed by a run along Hadrian’s Wall.


In many a way this is one of the most important factors that David Grier  has had to come to terms with, the realisation that everything and everyone around us is evolving, changing at such a rapid rate.

In order to keep pace, one has to have the ability to evolve with it.


Starting in Kashmere, in the foothills of the Himalayas at the most northern temple he began this epic run down India, traveling through 10 provinces which in the end felt like 10 different countries.


Ultimately each journey will etch a scar of life as it passes. As David Grier fought the twisting path of this journey, a path that has sent me on so many unplanned detours, He looks back at the many different stages and how everything has panned out, they are far from the original path.


What does the future hold for us? Is there hope in the future for our country?´. We have undergone such massive change over the past 15 years and in order to carry on with this process, there must be a reward. To David that reward is hope and the knowledge that this country is going to be a better place.


Through this run he had to personally deal with life threatening situations and life changing decisions, ultimately realizing that in order to continue with his journey he had to embrace change and evolve. David found out how important it is to be able to change as we travel our personal journeys through life to ultimately meet success.

Team Building:
This is the wonderful world of cooking. You are presented with the opportunity to express whether you can or cant, whether you will or wont.

The challenge is under the guidance of Chef David Grier . The group will be divided into teams of 3 and the challenge is to be able to master the art of cooking in your small unit, but ultimately to master the art of working as one big cohesive team and get the food out as one when the restaurant opens in time for all to sit down together and enjoy the meal.

This is an interactive team building cooking class where you are presented with a task that can only be accomplished with an interactive group as its based on timing, communication, creativity and loads of fun the cook-off takes about ONE hour.

The event can be held anywhere, no formal kitchen is needed, David will supply all of the equipment and there are a few items the client needs to arrange such as tables at the venue and table cloths.

The aim of the event is to in the space of ONE hour teach everyone to cook the dishes assigned to them Contestants then all eat each others food at a big banquet table once they have been honed into a team of chefs they strive to open the ONE.

Topics Covered
  • Change
  • Hope
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation

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