Don Packett

Don Packett

Don Packett is a Raconteur, Virtual MC, coach, professional speaker, author, live-MC and stand-up comedian.

Speaker Specialist. Purveyor of Perspective. Armed with Alliteration.

Don Packett eats, sleeps and breathes leadership, tech and business growth. From working with some of the world’s top leaders and speakers, he creates and drives narrative, process and structure for individuals and organisations alike in order to achieve true business success.

Most Popular Keynotes

LEGOrise Your Business

Lessons from one of the most fascinating businesses in our history, guiding teams to think differently (inspired by LEGO) to build their businesses in a better way.

The Psychology of Sales

Shining a light on why people buy what they buy, and how to adapt sales approaches to suit the new world of buying decisions.

Speed Kills

How the rapid adoption of technology is killing incremental progress. Or is it?

In Search of Excellence

Excellence in organisations is not that easy. Tom Peters & Bob Waterman codified it in 1982, but the world has been trying to achieve that ever since.

Culture of Collaboration

How defining a few simple steps in your business will lead to a collaborative and high-functioning team.

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