Enkromelle Andrew

Enkromelle Andrew

I help entrepreneurs , affiliate marketers & aspiring entrepreneurs build profitable affiliate marketing businesses from scratch (even if they have no experience, audience or results) using organic Traffic strategies!

If you are struggling to get clients for your business or affiliate marketing then you are in the right place! I have been there and  designed my coaching to show you exactly what you need to do to start making sales today without paid ads!

I will teach you the art of unconventional thinking as a means to come up with new, fresh and ground-breaking strategies to dominate in your niche.

Skilled in motivational speaking, personal branding, and concept development. As a strategist Enkromelle’s experience in working closely with key brands makes her one of the youngest most insightful and powerful strategists.

Her cutting-edge style in the delivery of her talks inspires and leads individuals and organisations towards doing great work through the disposition of teamwork and ignition of innovation.

Known for her electric stage presence, Enkromelle is a keynote speaker on brand and business strategy, with a demonstrated history of success.

Enkromelle fills her days with all things adventure. A typical day could entail mountain climbing, picking flowers, having lots of frozen yogurt, a good book and a strong brewed cup of coffee.

Is your Vision, for your company shared amongst your team? Is your strategy well communicated?

Strategy is an action plan on how to meet the requirements of the completion of the overall long-run task. You need to guide your troops towards properly accomplishing the Vision and Mission of the company.

The first thing you need is a strategy, one that is well communicated and smart.
A strategy that can realise short and long-term goals and in the end boost your revenue.
All this will depend on the kind of business you are?
Do you sell products or render services?
What space do you play in?

Topics Covered
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Branding
  • IKIGAI – What is your purpose
  • Motivation

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